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The Gift And Stink Shop! [Varying Prizes]

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1default The Gift And Stink Shop! [Varying Prizes] on Sun Aug 22, 2010 3:44 am


Exclamation The Gift and stink shop is the latest addition t shop which is a part of a big update clubbies is getting as part of summer! So what does this really hold? Lets look on it!

Question So What is the deal? Do you have any members you feel like giving a thanks to? Do you feel like giving a kick to some members you really really hate? then, definitely, this is the place! And They get placed in the profiles of each member, so every post they make, this one appears

-I love you
-Thankyou for being what you are to me
-With Love, (Your Name Here)
- You delight me!
-What can this be, but my gift!
-You just healed me, love!
-I cannot be you, you are unique indeed!
-You appear as two, but you are just ONE

- You deserve recognition
- For being you
- Keep 'em coming
- Get Well Soon
-I am roaming your mind
- Keep this pink Rose from (Your Name Here)
-You bloom brilliantly in light

-Keep this cookie
-Eat this, it gives you extra Health!
-The Cookie box, specially made for you

-For your music!
-I love your writing
-Your graphics have amazed me
-You are a book of thoughts
-A tribute to your lovely book of heart
-For being a optimistic!

- Go away Pessimist!
-Better Use some deoderant
-You stink like Shoes
-Boo, Go away!
-No wonder you are a worm
-Run Fatty!
-I would love if you shut your brain!
-Lo Devil fear you!
-You are no better than this!

These gifts will be pinned to the user you specify! So if you want the gift to be sent, please use the code below


[b]The User The Gift should be sent to[/b]:
[b]Gift or Stink Item Number[/b]:
[b]Modified Comment (Optional)[/b]:
As note that if you are using the modified comment section, then comment you specify will be added to the gift and not the default comment we have added for each prize

Also, note that if you receive a stink or gift, these are opinion of the member who send them and in no way represent the opinion of Clubbies! So, just take it in a funny way, coz we all are here for fun

Thanking You
Yours Sincerely
The Gift And Stink Shopkeeper

[center] Mighty Patrol And Founder of Clubbies

Color Used for Moderation = [b]Blue

Verified Team Clubbie
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