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Religion - Read It Note

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1default Religion - Read It Note on Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:19 pm


Global Moderator
Global Moderator
Please always respect the beliefs of other members. The bashing of specific religions, countries, races or belief systems is strictly disallowed. A lot of the topics in this section cover some sensitive areas and it is important to respect other people's views. This means no flaming, no flamebaiting, no trolling and no personal attacks.

Preaching: Do not promote or push religious beliefs on to others, we have visitors from all over the world of many different faiths and we ask that all beliefs be respected. Using the site to preach to, convert other members or to 'advertise' a belief system is disallowed, this board is about letting people decide for themselves what to believe.

Members are asked to always provide a source link when copying and pasting material from other web sites, this also applies when quoting religious texts compiled by other sites or authors. Not providing a source link or reference when quoting material constitutes plagiarism.

This board is primarily aimed at discussing general topics relating to religion and spirituality and Believer Vs Skeptic Type of discussion

Yours Cordially
The Clubbies Staff Team

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